At Creating Homes, our custom furnishings and upholstery are a perfect fit for sheltered housing and fully furnished retirement living schemes. Our highly trained staff have mastered the best design practices and can deliver on the high quality of furniture needed to sustain independent living facilities. We make use of every opportunity to incorporate the best when it comes to choosing the furniture, fabric textures and colours, floor and wall finishes, as well as window treatments.

From the initial to the final consultation, our experienced team engages with all the housing providers and their architects, residents, contractors and designers to optimise space usage, specify the floor and wall finishes, recommend effective solutions for wayfinding and produce original fittings, furniture and finishes for every single kind of property.

We understand that nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices and retirement homes require furnishings that make people feel comfortable and at ease, yet are durable enough to withstand daily use and wear. The frames of our furniture are designed with the comfort and safety of the residents in mind. We calculate the dimensions of every single piece with proper consideration to seat height and depth. Every single one of our benches and chair have the proper cushioning to provide firmness, as well as foam pads to offer better seating comfort. A large majority of our contract furniture frames are protected with waterproof staples and vinyl wraps to enhance their lifespan.

Upholstered lounge furniture and dining chairs

We have a huge collection of Contract furniture, including dining, living room and lounge chairs, , benches, end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables and activity tables. You can choose to get them with a lacquer finish, which makes the frames completely impervious to moisture. They come in a variety of colour options so that you can choose the furniture that aesthetically complements the living area.

We also understand that Sheltered housing and Extra care residents want everything – convenient services coupled with home-like and comfortable physical surroundings. We have a reputation among our clients for providing unassuming and sophisticated luxury on limited budgets. All of our products are ergonomically designed to focus on the needs of the older client group. Our stable, stylish, durable and sturdy furniture allow for easy egress and ingress.

Whether you are looking to attract new residents or maintain high ratings for existing senior living facilities, our attention to detail makes all the difference. Our adaptable furniture and durable upholstery finish will meet the needs of every single one of your tenants. Look no further, for you have come to the right place!